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Community Engagement

Educating and Troublemaking

"We are at the planning tables.
We are creating real solutions.
We are confronting the police.
We are challenging the status quo"

signed Black Women

Rituals of Resistance

 People of African descent and the Diaspora in the United States are facing a crisis of the breakdown of civil and human rights while also confronting the inconsistencies and ideologies of Christianity. This is because American Christianity has failed as an advocate to people of African descent in their struggle towards sustainability and acceptance and has deterred the furthering of these causes throughout US History and before.

In addition, the decline of Christianity over the decades is well documented and routinely argued, and, therefore, people of African descent find themselves in a unique situation. They now have the resources and empowerment to begin healing by using the rituals and processes through the religions of the African diaspora. Due to American religious propaganda, access to these faith traditions has been shrouded in mystery and miseducation. Historically, the involvement into these traditions were reduced through marginalization as tools towards assimilation into white culture. 

In other words, something has shifted or has been erupting for at least over 10 years to where, with nowhere else to turn-with what we thought were safe spaces, that mask has been removed so that we see the ugly truth without all the filters, we as Peoples of the African Diaspora are now reclaiming our time.

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