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Welcome to Oasis

Oasis's origin story is rooted in the freedom, authenticity and transparency to live out one's divine self and the way in which our faith practices empowerment towards liberation for the dismantling, deconstruction and decolonization of systemic oppression in an US context.


Check Out Kwame on Buffalo What's Next!

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Spirituality + Humanism+ Activism = Liberation

An urgent word from Rev. Kwame Pitts on the Supreme Court ruling overthrowing Roe vs. Wade.


Sacred Space Gatherings

Safe places to gather authentically

Oasis aims to encourage those who identify as spiritual not religious and agnostic to come together as a community each week, share a meal, uplift one another and continue to discern and learn about the mysticism of spirituality and how it plays a role in our everyday. All expressions of faith/spirituality both ancestral and modern are welcomed.


Fighting Food Disparity and Food Injustice

The Betty Pitts Project

the betty pitts project is a hunger initiative targeting urban areas which are both struggling with access to health, fresh produce and striving to revolutionize the local economic and education environment with regards to people of color, the model being people of African Descent.


Activism as Expression of Spirituality and Faith

Oasis Community is dedicated to making this a priority as a justice issue that impacts many of our essential workers and many of our educators, community organizers and others who are working in the community towards true liberation. We are partnering with Yoga 4 a Good Hood to bringing community beginner yoga and other means of destressing every day life. 

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The mountains, I become part of it, the herbs, the fir tree, I become part of it
The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters, I become part of it
The wilderness, the dew drops, the pollen
I become part of of it

Navajo Chant

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