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Woods with Fog

Welcome to The Waters

1 River Endless Streams Collective's origin story is rooted in the freedom, authenticity and transparency to live out one's divine self and the way in which our faith practices empowerment towards liberation for the dismantling, deconstruction and decolonization of systemic oppression in an US context. 

In short, the Collective centers itself on being one of many Oasis's along this communal spiritual journey.

Spirituality, liberation, release

Spirituality + Humanism+ Activism = Liberation

"Ibi ti a ba pe lori, a ki fi tele,"
f it truly matters to you, you’ll hold it dear.


Open Sacredness Gatherings

Safe places to gather authentically

The Collective works to create spaces where those who identify as spiritual not religious, agnostic and/or other spiritual/faith traditons that are caterogized outside the acceptable social norm; coming together as a community each week, share a meal, uplift one another and continue to discern and learn about the mysticism of spirituality and how it plays a role in our everyday. All expressions of faith/spirituality both ancestral and modern are welcomed.

Lighting Candles

Take a candle, share an affirmation, offer a prayer or request one as you come and go from this sacred space

Aroma Incense

The mountains, I become part of it, the herbs, the fir tree, I become part of it
The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters, I become part of it
The wilderness, the dew drops, the pollen
I become part of of it

Navajo Chant

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